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Blossom End Rot

This summer is a great year for tomatoes, despite the lack of rain, the tomatoes are loving the heat and thriving, most of us should be looking at a bumper crop of warm loving veggies! J Only down side to the heat and warm weather, is the lack of rain and what this means for our vegetable crops. Blossom end [...]

Tips for Raising Honey Bees

Good news!  We expect to get our new Bee Keeping department completed the first week of April.  We will be stocking up on the most common supplies for bee keeping in the northwest. We also have partnered up with Bees Neez in Snohomish to bring package bees to Duvall April 15th.  If you want packages (3lb with Italian Queens $110) let me know before then.  Also there has [...]

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