The variegated foliage of the Calathea White Fusion cultivar features a green leaf with contrasting white markings. The underside has a magenta hue that runs down the stems. It can be finicky but once you find the right spot in your home you’ll love the eye-catching display of foliage that grows profusely and quickly.

These plants like moisture, but not excessive amounts, sun exposure is good, but not too much, and extreme temperatures need to be avoided. You should regularly wipe down the Calathea White Fusion large leaves to remove dust. Removing dust from leaves allows the plant to breathe well. Don’t use any leaf shine products; they can cause damage. Don’t panic if you see an infrequent, small amount of discoloration. Brown tips are to be expected; the foliage on this cultivar is delicate.

Care Tips:

Light:  This plant needs filtered bright light. Too much light can cause the markings to fade and leaves to curl; too much shade and the markings won’t develop properly in the first place.

Water: The calathea White Fusion prefers to be consistently moist, but don’t let it get soggy or waterlogged. Ensure the plant’s pot has suitable drainage holes. Water thoroughly, but make sure the water drains out the bottom and does not pool. Once the top inch of soil is dry, your plant needs more water. Some chose to use collected rainwater or distilled water since this plant can be sensitive to chemicals in the water. However, room temperature tap water is fine.

Soil: Soil mixes recommended for African violets are often well-suited to calathea white because they retain moisture well and drain excess water. You can make a peaty, airy, lightweight potting mix by combining orchard bark, perlite, and standard potting soil.

This plant is pet and children safe.