How to Care for Hanging Baskets

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Among the many beautiful flowering plants for hanging baskets available in the nursery are the fuschia, begonia, ivy geranium, petunia, bacopa, verbena, sanvatalia, and calibrachoa.  Of course, there is more to choose from to combine and plant the basket of your choice! The list of beautiful plants is endless, so it all depends on color, [...]

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Tips for Keeping Bird Feeders Clean

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Did you know that birds can catch and spread diseases from dirty bird feeders and moldy seed?  We know you love the birds, so we thought we'd share five quick tips for keeping those bird feeders clean. The birds will love you for it. Clean every 2 weeks. More often during the rainy seasons. Use a [...]

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Clearing the Air with Houseplants

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Did you know that growing houseplants will help clean the air inside your home? Houseplants are very beneficial in the air we breathe. They purify and renew our indoor air by filtering out the toxins and carbon dioxide we exhale, and then replace it with clean oxygen!  It is proven that some plants do an [...]

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How To Water Plants Effectively

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The heat is here. You know you need to water but how do you know if you’re giving them too much or too little water, or even watering your plants properly? Different types of plants, whether grass, trees, flowers, potted plants or garden vegetables, require specific amounts of water. We've designed some tips on how [...]

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Organic Lawn Care Tips

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A natural, organic approach to lawn care can yield a beautiful, lush green lawn, along with environmental benefits. While it may take a little more time, organic lawn care lets nature do its thing and helps the grass grow just as green. Keep reading to find out how the way you fertilize, water and even [...]

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Starting Crops From Seeds Guide

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Nothing taste better then fresh fruits, veggies and herbs from the garden. And one of the most rewarding ways to build your garden is to start it with your own seeds.  Often there is confusion on when to start planting seeds indoors and when to start planting seeds outdoors. We were excited when we found [...]

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Starting Seeds Indoors

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Starting Seeds indoors Winter has been holding on and most of us die hard gardeners are trying to push the season! One nice day seems to herald the onset of spring, but is quickly followed by a week of rain, or the forecast of snow in higher elevations. Thank goodness for the opportunity to start flower and [...]

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Growing Garlic for Summer Harvest

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  Growing Garlic for Summer Harvest   Summer has finally come to a close, but there are still lots of things to do and grow in the garden. Fall veggies such as broccoli, beets, kale, onions and some lettuces/spinach are all great to be planting now, along with all your bulbs for spring, including Garlic. Planting [...]

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Common Summer Garden Problems

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Common Summer Garden Problems   This time of year, the summer planting season is winding down and we are now into weeding and maintenance mode.  The big push to get plants in for summer colour is done. Now it’s time for filling in empty spots and popping in fresh colour. Vegetables are flourishing and it’s time [...]

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Summer Pots

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Summer Pots Summer is finally here and we are inundated with anything and everything we could possibly want for our pots…only problem? What goes where? What’s best for sun? Partial sun? Shade? Here are just a few ideas of plants and possibilities for your pots. Anything that says full sun should have at least 6 hours [...]

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