Hoya Carnosa Krismon Princess

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The Hoya Carnosa Krismon Princess has oval succulent shaped leaves that are splashed with creamy yellow to pink variegation. They are a trailing plant which makes them awesome for a hanging basket! Hoyas also produce beautiful pink star shaped flowers that come in clusters. Keep in mind that it may take a few years for your [...]

Staghorn Fern

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The Staghorn Fern is epiphytic, which means they grow on other plants or trees in their natural environment. You can have them mounted on a wood plaque, or hung in a hanging basket. As their fronds mature, they look similar to deer antlers. They like bright, indirect natural light, but not direct sunlight and this is [...]

Golden Pothos

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The Golden Pothos features beautiful green foliage with yellow variegation. Pothos are very fast growing, easy to care for plants, making them a great plant for beginners! They are trailing plants, so you can hang them in a planter or shelf or you can grow them up a moss pole/trellis. They like to be placed in [...]

Oxalis Triangularis (Shamrock)

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Oxalis are grown from small bulbs that produce cute little white/pink/purple flowers that rise above the leaves. They have triangular shaped leaves that are grouped in threes and come in a variety of colors. During the night, their leaves fold up, and then open up in the daytime. They may go through a dormancy phase where [...]

String of Turtles

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The Peperomia Prostrata, or more commonly known as the String of Turtles is a small training plant that has circular, succulent leaves that look like turtle shells. It is a great hanging plant that looks beautiful trailing down a shelf! The String of Turtles does produce flowers, but they are not as showy as you might [...]

Calathea Lancifolia

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The Calathea Lancifolia (aka the rattlesnake calathea) has beautiful long wavy leaves with dark green splotches on them. The undersides of the leaves are a deep purple color. Calatheas love humidity, so place them near a humidifier or on a pebble tray. Otherwise they will get crispy brown tips on their leaves. Calatheas also like to [...]

Philodendron Silver Sword

By |2022-03-04T12:32:28-08:00March 4th, 2022|Categories: Garden, house plants|Tags: , , |

The plant of the week is the Philodendron Silver Sword. This plant has beautiful, glossy silver foliage. The leaves come to a point, similar to a sword. They are a climbing vine with thick stems, so having a trellis/moss pole for it will help it grow big leaves. Philodendrons are tropical plants, and they will thrive [...]

Split Leaf Philodendron

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The Monstera Deliciosa or commonly known as the split leaf philodendron. These beauties are very easy to grow, making them a great beginner plant! They love to climb, so a trellis or moss pole would help support them. Young plants have dark green leaves that are completely solid, and as it matures the leaves get more [...]

Button Fern

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This little fern has dense, curving fronds with circular (button-like) leaflets coming off of each frond. They are a low growing fern, and won't get much taller than a foot. They like to be placed in bright, indirect light. A north or eastern facing window would be best. Water when the top inch of soil is [...]

Philodendron Brasil

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It is a beautiful trailing plant with heart shaped leaves that are green on the edges and has different shades of yellow and green in the center. It can be a trailing/vining plant or you can grow it up a trellis or moss pole! While it can survive in low light conditions, it’s best to put [...]

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