Backyard Birding Tips For Spring

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Migration can be hard on a bird. Long distance with changing climates can make locating food a challenge. Just when you thought Spring would be a breeze on birds, it’s actually a tough time for them. Here are a few simple tips you can make to your bird feeding routine in Spring to help them improve [...]

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Bee Keeping

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Replacing Dead colonies   If you kept bees last year you are probably in the same boat I am and have dead hives to fill. You need to order replacement packages ASAP and prepare your hive for a new colony. When preparing a dead out for new bees it is necessary to strip the hive down [...]

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Tips for Raising Honey Bees

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Good news!  We expect to get our new Bee Keeping department completed the first week of April.  We will be stocking up on the most common supplies for bee keeping in the northwest. We also have partnered up with Bees Neez in Snohomish to bring package bees to Duvall April 15th.  If you want packages (3lb with Italian Queens $110) let me [...]

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