Migration can be hard on a bird. Long distance with changing climates can make locating food a challenge. Just when you thought Spring would be a breeze on birds, it’s actually a tough time for them. Here are a few simple tips you can make to your bird feeding routine in Spring to help them improve the season.

What birds need in Spring:

  • An extra food source to recover from migration like suet can be a welcomed treat.
  • Space and material to prepare for nesting can be placed in a suet cage.

How you can help:

  • Clean and fill your feeders with bird seed
  • Fill hummingbird or oriole feeder with nectar and jellies
  • Set up a bluebird house or other birdhouses
  • Hang a suet cage filled with nesting material like twigs, dry grass and cotton.

Always follow manufacturers instructions before using any product. For cool bird products and helpful advice, come on into Duvall Hardware and Garden and visit with Liz in our amazing Lawn and Garden department.