Split Leaf Philodendron

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The Monstera Deliciosa or commonly known as the split leaf philodendron. These beauties are very easy to grow, making them a great beginner plant! They love to climb, so a trellis or moss pole would help support them. Young plants have dark green leaves that are completely solid, and as it matures the leaves get more [...]

Button Fern

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This little fern has dense, curving fronds with circular (button-like) leaflets coming off of each frond. They are a low growing fern, and won't get much taller than a foot. They like to be placed in bright, indirect light. A north or eastern facing window would be best. Water when the top inch of soil is [...]

Philodendron Brasil

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It is a beautiful trailing plant with heart shaped leaves that are green on the edges and has different shades of yellow and green in the center. It can be a trailing/vining plant or you can grow it up a trellis or moss pole! While it can survive in low light conditions, it’s best to put [...]

Rex Begonia

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The plant of the week this week is Rex Begonias. These plants have some of the most striking and unique foliage, ranging in a variety of colors and patterns. Unlike most begonias which are grown for their flowers, rex begonias are grown for their foliage. They like to be in bright, indirect light. Never put them [...]

Maranta Lemon Lime

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The plant of the week this week is Maranta Lemon Lime. This plant is phototropic which means they move their leaves in response to light—opening and closing their leaves in the morning and night. Hence the name "Prayer Plant". The Maranta Lemon Lime also blooms. It produces tiny, light pink/white flowers. They like to be in [...]

String of Arrows

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A beautiful type of trailing succulent vine that has arrow shaped leaves. They produce beautiful tiny flowers and do best in bright filtered light. Make sure the soil is dry between waterings. The foliage will be limp when thirsty. This is a very fast grower, and overall, an easy to care for plant!

How to Care for Hanging Baskets

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Among the many beautiful flowering plants for hanging baskets available in the nursery are the fuschia, begonia, ivy geranium, petunia, bacopa, verbena, sanvatalia, and calibrachoa.  Of course, there is more to choose from to combine and plant the basket of your choice! The list of beautiful plants is endless, so it all depends on color, [...]

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Tips for Keeping Bird Feeders Clean

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Did you know that birds can catch and spread diseases from dirty bird feeders and moldy seed?  We know you love the birds, so we thought we'd share five quick tips for keeping those bird feeders clean. The birds will love you for it. Clean every 2 weeks. More often during the rainy seasons. Use a [...]

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Clearing the Air with Houseplants

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Did you know that growing houseplants will help clean the air inside your home? Houseplants are very beneficial in the air we breathe. They purify and renew our indoor air by filtering out the toxins and carbon dioxide we exhale, and then replace it with clean oxygen!  It is proven that some plants do an [...]

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How To Water Plants Effectively

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The heat is here. You know you need to water but how do you know if you’re giving them too much or too little water, or even watering your plants properly? Different types of plants, whether grass, trees, flowers, potted plants or garden vegetables, require specific amounts of water. We've designed some tips on how [...]

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