Herbs, Edibles & Successive Planting

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Herbs, Edibles & Successive Planting Now is a great time to start planting herbs in your garden. The temperatures at night are still cool, but thyme, oregano, sage, rosemary, chives, mint, tarragon and fennel are all hardy enough to deal with our spring nights. As for vegetables; beets, broccoli, cabbage, peas, potatoes, strawberries, spinach and lettuce [...]

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Planting Spring Bulbs

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Planting Spring Bulbs   Here we are about to go into winter and all thoughts are on what we can plant now for the spring. As gardeners we are always dreaming about what we can plant now for the coming season. In the fall it’s all about bulbs! Daffodils, Tulips, Crocus, Scilla, Snowdrops, Alliums, Garlic and [...]

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Earthquake Preparedness

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Earthquake Preparedness   After our little earthquake during the Christmas/New Year’s holiday, I thought a short little earthquake preparedness check list might be in order. Most of us have the majority of these items ready in case we have a winter storm, but a few more items would not be a bad idea in your emergency [...]

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Blossom End Rot

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This summer is a great year for tomatoes, despite the lack of rain, the tomatoes are loving the heat and thriving, most of us should be looking at a bumper crop of warm loving veggies! J Only down side to the heat and warm weather, is the lack of rain and what this means for our [...]

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Baskets, Pots and Window Boxes

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Our favorite time of year has arrived…building baskets, pots and window boxes! I’m not sure what else gets me more excited…seeing all those beautiful plants and all that color or seeing new pots and colour combinations that get me dreaming and scheming…I’m sure I can fit just ONE more plant in that pot! Mother’s Day is [...]

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Blueberry: A Favorite fruit shrub

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Our favorite fruit shrub here in the nursery will always be the blueberry! It is a fruit that belongs to the heath family, whose cousins also include azaleas, rhododendron and huckleberries. Our weather patterns and acidic soil make the Northwest a great place to grow this natural “super food” plant. Full of antioxidants, natural fiber and [...]

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