Starting Seeds indoors

Winter has been holding on and most of us die hard gardeners are trying to push the season! One nice day seems to herald the onset of spring, but is quickly followed by a week of rain, or the forecast of snow in higher elevations. Thank goodness for the opportunity to start flower and vegetable seed indoors!

It’s easy enough to get started and have success in the upcoming growing season by following a few simple guidelines!

Planting seeds in a good sterile seed starting mix is imperative! Damping off is one of the most common problems when starting seeds (a fungal disease that kills young seedlings) which can easily be avoided by using a good sterile  mix for your seeds and not overwatering. This will insure healthier early growth and success for your entire seed crop. Our favorite seed starting mix is by EB Stone and is available in small and large bags. You can start your seeds off with a Jiffy Mini greenhouse, small peat pots or any container that is small, sterile and will drain well. Be sure to provide a warm spot, (in the form of a seedling heat mat) good air circulation and water when needed (using a spray bottle to avoid overwatering).

Seeds are also an important consideration. There are many different varieties to choose from. Territorial Seed Company is a wonderful variety that has a full line of Organic Non GMO and Heirloom Open Pollinated varieties. We also carry Rene’s Garden Seeds and Cornucopia along with Dragon Stone Farm Seeds.

Below is a great website for a seed starting calendar that will help you choose when and what to plant. Following this can give you a wonderful supply of food and fun for the entire season!

So get out there and garden! Happy Seed Sowing!