Our favorite time of year has arrived…building baskets, pots and window boxes! I’m not sure what else gets me more excited…seeing all those beautiful plants and all that color or seeing new pots and colour combinations that get me dreaming and scheming…I’m sure I can fit just ONE more plant in that pot!

Mother’s Day is signals the end of our frost date and the beginning of our summer planting and hopefully a little planting shopping spree! There are so many plants and containers to choose from that I thought a little information about how and what to plant might come in handy.

Most of us tend to go for the same thing year after year, as they are tried and true and we know that it works…but if this year you want to try a little something different, here are a few ideas.

Traditional geraniums are always great and reliable in the heat and for great color, but have you seen the new varieties that have colored leaves? Mrs. Pollack, Indian dunes and The Queen of Prussia are just a few that can add a splash of extra texture and color to your container right thru till the fall when most of the blooms have gone. Another great idea is an annual or perennial grass. Purple fountain grass tops the list as a favorite with interest all the way into November. If you want to go for low maintenance, try a perennial such as Orange Rocket Barberry, Abelia or a small Japanese maple as a focal point that will come back year after year, they are interesting fun ideas that have endless possibilities. Whichever you choose, be sure to read the labels and check for size, spread and sun requirements. Also, be sure to look at the plant itself, is it healthy? Good color? Strong stems and lots of blooms to come? All this information will have you pick the perfect plant for the perfect spot!

Be sure to have some good potting soil on hand as well. Nothing worse than getting home and realizing that you don’t’ have enough soil!! Yes…I do this regularly! Also, the cheapest potting soil is not always the best. Giving your plants a good start with a nice light soil is as important as all the rest.

Finally, a good Bloom Booster fertilizer is a great way to keep those pots blooming all season. Most bloom booster is a 10-52-10 combination to keep the blooms going. Most designers fertilize every 2 weeks to have spectacular blooms all summer.

Most importantly…have FUN! Use your imagination and let your creativity have free reign with all the colour and texture you can find. And remember….water water water!! Enjoy!