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Maizy's Journey

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Meet Maizy

My name is Maizy and the store is going to follow me and my Mom, Hope Penny for a year.

I am a  Leonberger puppy and I am going to be a big girl!

Check back here monthly and watch me grow.

Watch Maizy Grow!

Maisy at 12 weeks with Hope

12 weeks old

Maisy at 12 weeks with Hope

16 weeks old

Maisy at 12 weeks

18 weeks old

Maisy at 21 weeks

21 weeks old

Maisy at 21 weeks

25 weeks old

Maizy at 12 weeks

Maisy and Hope

Guess what? I’m officially 3 months old. I can sit and lay down on command especially for a treat! I like to dig holes in the yard, play in my water bowl and chew on everything. My Mom, Hope Penny is not so sure about my behavior but she really loves me anyway!

Maisy at 12 weeks with Hope
Maisy at 12 weeks
Maisy at 12 weeks
Maisy at 12 weeks

Maizy at 16 weeks

Maisy at 13 Weeks

Now that I’m 16 weeks old, I get to go to puppy school. I’ve learned how to roll over for treats…yum! And, I’ve learned how to give kisses…fun! I’m getting to be quite social. I have play dates with the neighbors and my best friend is named Fergie. How cool is that! I still like to dig holes in the middle of the yard which Mom is not too happy about, but I’m trying to stop. It’s just so fun to do.

I’m going to be helping Mom (Hope Penny) at Duvall Hardware and Garden for a couple of hours every Saturday. Come and visit me!

Maisy and Mom
Maisy at 16 weeks
Maisy's new friend

Maizy at 18 weeks

Maisy at 18 weeks
Maisy at 18 weeks
Maisy at 18 weeks
Maisy at 18 weeks

Maizy at 21 weeks

Maisy at 21 Weeks

Look! I just scored a great toy from Duvall Hardware and Garden’s pet department.

Guess what, I’m now 60 lbs! Mom says I’m stubborn but I know I’m learning everyday. Every Thursday I go to puppy camp at Kokoro Dog Training & Dog Park.

Fergie is still my good friend but Ziggy is my new best friend and we get to play together on Fridays!

Maisy at 21 weeks
Maizy loves treats
Maizy says Yum!
Maizy is 60 lbs!

Maizy at 25 weeks

First Christmas

I’m a big girl now but I’m still growing! I weight 62 lbs and Mom Hope can still lift me… barely! Guess what, I have a sibling! Yep, I’m no longer an only child. More details on that to come!!

It’s my first Christmas and I’m so excited. Happy Holidays everyone!

Maizy and Hope
Maizy meets Peter
Maizy Peter and Hope
Maizy's new sibling

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It’s a great store I love the people in Duvall. And they’re all so nice and helpful here.
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Where I buy Taste of the Wild dog food! Okay..plants & veggies, too! Today was garlic!
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Well run hardware store. Good customer service!

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