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New Weber Smokefire Series

SMOKEFIRE SERIES Wood Fired Pellet Grill

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Take your favorite recipe outside, because everything that can be cooked, will taste better grilled. With its 200-600° temperature range, SmokeFire is a true All-in-One grill that has the versatility to sear steak as well as it smokes brisket, bakes pie, and everything in between.

  • Sears as well as it smokes with a 200-600°F temperature range.
  • Weber porcelain-enamel finish helps prevent rusting and cracking.
  • DC powered engine, specially designed to prevent auger jams.
  • Designed to distribute even heat across the cooking area.
  • EX4 has large 672 square inches of dual grilling space.
  • EX6 has large 1,008 square inches of dual grilling space.
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The outside garden area is looking especially pretty right now.
Come by and see all the pretty plants for yourself.

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Sluggo is back in stock

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Powerful against slugs and snails, yet fast and gentle.

You can protect your vegetables, fruit and ornamental plants in the garden or greenhouse effectively from slug and snail damage with Sluggo.

It’s results are quick and it’s safe to use around pets and wildlife. Sluggo is highly effective because of its active ingredient, iron phosphate. A mineral that naturally occurs in soil. Unconsumed bait will degrade and become part of the soil. Gardeners use Sluggo for organic gardening to control slugs and snails in their vegetables and ornamentals. The result is growing a slug free garden!

People and pets can enter the treated area after bait is applied. Furthermore, your family can enter the garden and harvest edibles immediately after application.

Even when it rains, Sluggo remains effective.

It’s been hard to find this year, and we’re happy to say we have it in stock right now!

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