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Hurry…The Baby Chicks Are Growing Fast
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Spring Flowers Are Arriving

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Spring Flowers Have Arrived
Spring Flowers Have Arrived
Spring Flowers Have Arrived

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New Pet Department Coming Soon!

New Pet Department Coming Soon

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Growing Garlic for Summer Harvest

  Growing Garlic for Summer Harvest   Summer has finally come to a close, but there are still lots of things to do and grow in the garden. Fall veggies such as broccoli, beets, kale, onions and some lettuces/spinach are all great to be planting now, along with all your bulbs for spring, including Garlic. Planting garlic now, will ensure a wonderful summer harvest with minimal effort on your part! 🙂 There are basically 2 types of garlic, Softneck and Hardneck, with sub-types within each family. Softneck garlic is traditionally the type that you would find in the grocery store…it is [...]


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