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Hurry…The Baby Chicks Are Growing Fast
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Spring Flowers Are Arriving

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Spring Flowers Have Arrived
Spring Flowers Have Arrived
Spring Flowers Have Arrived

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New Pet Department Coming Soon!

New Pet Department Coming Soon

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Starting Seeds Indoors

Starting Seeds indoors Winter has been holding on and most of us die hard gardeners are trying to push the season! One nice day seems to herald the onset of spring, but is quickly followed by a week of rain, or the forecast of snow in higher elevations. Thank goodness for the opportunity to start flower and vegetable seed indoors! It’s easy enough to get started and have success in the upcoming growing season by following a few simple guidelines! Planting seeds in a good sterile seed starting mix is imperative! Damping off is one of the most common problems when starting [...]


Tips for Raising Honey Bees

Good news!  We expect to get our new Bee Keeping department completed the first week of April.  We will be stocking up on the most common supplies for bee keeping in the northwest. We also have partnered up with Bees Neez in Snohomish to bring package bees to Duvall April 15th.  If you want packages (3lb with Italian Queens $110) let me know before then.  Also there has been a lot of interest in starting a Bee Keeping club in Duvall.  I think it is a great idea and would even volunteer to play host to get it off the ground.  We would meet once monthly and create [...]

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