100 years of Duvall Hardware

ap1912: A.P. Manion’s Hardware & Furniture
Manion opened the first hardware store in Duvall, located on Main and Cherry.  A.P. Manion owned two other  buildings next door, selling furniture and dry goods.  A.P. Manion was eventually elected Mayor of Duvall.

1923: Baker Hardware
Owner E.J. Baker. Mrs Ethel Baker was Postmistress.  E.J. Baker was elected Mayor of Duvall.

jones1925: Jones Hardware
Owner Gilbert M. Jones, who also served as Postmaster and Mrs. Isabel Jones was Postmistress.  Later he was called affectionately “Old Man Jones.” Te building burned down November 5, 1925 and Jones immediately rebuilt on the same site.

1947: Jones Hardware
The store sold to Jack Frommer, Jones’ step-son.  It continued as Jones Hardware and Dry Goods Store

1964: Duvall Hardware and Appliance
The store sold to Dave and Diane Harder.  Dave was the Fire Chief and was elected Mayor of Duvall.

1985: Coast to Coast Hardware
The store was sold to Francis and DeLayne Cox.

Mat Higgins & Francis Cox

Mat Higgins & Francis Cox

1997: Duvall True Value Hardware & Garden
After the roof collapsed, the store moved to its current home on Brown Avenue.  The store changed its name to True Value.  The Cox’s daughter and son-in-law, Sarah and Mat Higgins were added as partners.

2012: Duvall True Value Hardware & Garden
The oldest continuously operating business in the valley!