New In The Garden

Liz and company are busy procuring the best flowers, plants and accessories for your gardening delight.
New In The Garden is updated regularly, so please check back in to see the latest.

It’s time to get those seeds planted. Come on in, we’ve got a great supply of seeds and seed starter kits.

French Thyme

Spring herbs are here! Roman Chamomile.

Roman Chamomile

Spring herbs are here! French Thyme.


Spring herbs are here! Fennel.

English Lavender

Spring herbs are here! English Lavender.

Spring Seed Starter Kit

Make life easy. Get a spring seed starter kit.

Large Seed Supply

It’s time to plant seeds and we have a large supply to get you going.

Air Plants

Air Plants are here! They are sooo easy to care for. Great present for someone with a “black” thumb.

Rain Chains

We have a beautiful selection of rainchains!

Silk Tulips

Silk spring tulips and daffodils for early indoor color. Cool vases too from K&K Interiors

Air Plant Planter

Planter filled with air plants and succulents. Easy to tend.