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Contained Excitement

Written by Hope Penny

June 13th marked another successful event at True Value Garden. Karen Chapman, a wonderful local designer, gave a fabulous demonstration of how to build an inspired container that is also bee, butterfly and hummingbird friendly! June 15 – 21 was National Pollinator week, so it was the perfect tie in with Karen’s event to bring some inspiration and information to our customers about pollination. This is not the 1st time that Karen has come to our garden and inspired our customers with her amazing colour, texture and design brilliance. Not only does she pick flowers and colors that are interesting and fun, but she takes into account the size shape and placement of the pot.

Choosing a caramel colored pot, Karen was able to use Sambus –  Black Lace as  starting point, a wonderful hardy and interesting plant that has dark foliage and creamy pink flowers that will take sun or some shade. Add in a beautiful variegated Hebe, purple cleome, verbena, huchera, sweet potato vine (Ace of Spades), a wonderful culinary Thyme, and you have one of Karen’s amazing inspired pots!

The 2nd pot Karen choose was a large cobalt blue and cement pot. Again…Karen choose a beautiful chartreus green smoke bush as her inspiration and paired it with a purple butterfly bush, gaura, heliotrope, calibrachoa, sedum, barberry, verbena, and new guinea impatient. Again, the colors and textures are inspired and are a wonderful buffet for the pollinators. Although hummingbirds are attracted to the red colour in the landscape, they will feed on anything that is tasty once they get there, so planting a wide variety of plants is important.

After the demonstration was finished, we raffled off the two pots!  Myrlin from Duvall and Vicki from Carnation where the lucky winners of the “Contained Excitement” pots. I have to say…I kind of wish I had wings so I could go check in on the pots to see how they are coming along! J Lots of water and some fertilizer and these pots will be blooming all summer!

This event was to help bring information and education to our customers about how to make a beautiful container, but also, how to help our native pollinators have a little food through the summer as well. All of the above plants are excellent for butterflies, bees and hummingbirds. They are also a wonderful way to involve the children in your life to see how and why these plants can help our environment. Keeping these pollinators in our yards and communities is paramount to the success of our food crops around the globe… Educating the next generation is not only fun and exciting, it’s an excellent way to make memories and help involve them in a creative and interesting way.

Thanks so much for reading and being part of our little garden community! We are so grateful to you all!